Booting Up: A $2 Billion Valuation for Airbnb?

Hard to go wrong betting on a huge, sick loft. (Photo: Airbnb screencap)

According to reports, Airbnb is raising a new round. The Valuation? Try “‘north of a billion’ between $2 billion and $3 billion.” It’s amazing what you can do with srs bsns revenues. [TechCrunch]

If this list ranking top 50 venture-backed startups is any indication, it’s enterprise companies’ time to shine. [Wall Street Journal]

Don’t look now, but the maps app in iOS 6 isn’t the only thing looking a little half-baked: “Burning question I have to ask: what is up with Apple’s Passbook app?” [GigaOm]

Sure, they might give you text neck, but mental health pros are increasingly using smartphones apps as a way to supplement treatment for conditions like OCD. [CNN]

It was reportedly conflict over turn-by-turn directions that prompted Apple to strike out on its own and create a new map app. [AllThingsD]

Booting Up: A $2 Billion Valuation for Airbnb?