Airbnb Sees Huge Influx of Visitors to NYC Over Labor Day Weekend

175 visitors even opted to stay in Queens.

(Photo: Airbnb)

It seems that the fall switch has finally been flipped. The nights now carry a distinctive chill, the humidity dissipating. Over Labor Day weekend, tons of tourists from all over the globe flocked to New York for summer’s last hurrah. But many of them didn’t stay in traditional hotels–thousands opted instead for Airbnb rentals.

Here are some stats Airbnb shared with Betabeat. They give us a pretty interesting glimpse into the San Francisco-based company’s New York landscape and provide some insight into what holiday weekends look like for Airbnb. Also, turns out a lot of tourists aren’t afraid to stay in the outer boroughs.

Of the people who used Airbnb to travel to NYC on Saturday September 1st:

  • More than half of the Airbnb guests were over 30.
  • 800 of the guests were over the age of 50.
  • 45 of them were over 70.
  • 52% were female, and 48% were male

Why were they traveling to NY?

  • The majority were traveling for vacation.
  • Celebrating an anniversary or reunion: 130 people
  • Learning a new language: 100 people
  • Visiting friends or family: 600 people
  • Doing an internship: 210 people
  • For a job interview: 30 people
  • To study: 320 people
  • Work: 650 people

What languages were these guests speaking with their hosts?
30 different languages, including Japanese, Bengali, Punjabi, Tagalog, Finnish, and Sign Language

Where did these guests all come from?

  • 44% came from North America
  • 40% came from Europe
  • 5% came from South America
  • 9% came from Australia
  • 2% came from Asia

Some interesting countries of origins…

  • France: 800 guests
  • Brazil: 180 guests
  • Israel: 55 guests
  • New Zealand: 50 guests
  • Kazakhstan: 6 guests
  • Nigeria: 2 guests

How long were they staying in New York for?
Just over 6 nights, on average.


  • Harlem: 550 guests
  • Inwood and Washington Heights: 265 guests
  • Lower East Side: 1335 guests
  • Greenwich Village and Soho: 625 guests


  • Bushwick and Williamsburg: 400 guests
  • Greenpoint: 700 guests
  • Northwest Brooklyn: 580 guests
  • Central Brooklyn: 565 guests


  • Northwest Queens: 175 guests
Airbnb Sees Huge Influx of Visitors to NYC Over Labor Day Weekend