Annie Leibovitz Wins $50,000 Wexner Prize

Leibovitz. (Courtesy Getty Images)

The photographer Annie Leibovitz has won the $50,000 Wexner Prize, awarded by the Wexner Center for the Arts in Columbus, Ohio, whenever it sees fit to do so.

Ms. Leibovitz has a show coming up at the center, and it actually opens in a few days. This news comes from Unbeige, which continues:

“Working with Annie over the last fifteen months to produce her exhibition at the Wex, her ‘candidacy’ quite naturally emerged with all the clarity and authority of one of her photographs,” said Wexner Center director Sherri Geldin in a statement issued this afternoon. “The more than 200 Leibovitz photographs on view at the Wexner Center this fall attest to her stunning achievement across more than 40 years of relentless photographic pursuit. That these works continue to so profoundly move us decades after they were shot is but one measure of her mastery.”

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