Artist Makes Blood Paintings

A blood piece. (Courtesy Krause Gallery)

The New York Times today has a profile of Jordan Eagles, whose show “Hemofields” opens at Krause Gallery on the Lower East Side tomorrow. The hook for the show is that Mr. Eagles’s paintings are actually made with blood instead of paint.

Mr. Eagles’s paintings could be classified as Abstract Expressionist, even though they are painted with blood instead of paint. Here’s how he discovered his method:

“I was dripping the red paint and it really wasn’t doing anything. It was too flat, and it was not bringing the images to life,” Mr. Eagles said. “So instead of trying to be symbolic with the material, I just went to a butcher down in Chinatown and bought a couple of containers of blood. I went back to my dorm room and began dripping the real blood on the images and it was immediately invigorating. There was something very alive about it.

Benjamin Krause, who owns the gallery, said some of the pieces will likely sell for $12,000 to $13,000, impressive figures considering the fact that they’re made with blood instead of paint.

Artist Makes Blood Paintings