As Polls Swing Obama’s Way, Romney Advisor Recommends ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’

Michael Biundo (Photo: Facebook)

With polls, particularly in the crucial swing states of Ohio and Florida, starting to show a strong lead for President Barack Obama, one Romney advisor is urging his friends to whistle a happy tune. Michael Biundo, Mitt Romney’s deputy national coalitions director, posted a note to his Facebook page with a video of the insidious 1988 Bobby McFerrin hit “Don’t Worry, Be Happy.”

“Somebody I know, (not naming names mind you) needs this song,” Mr. Biundo wrote.

Though Mr. Biundo kept it coy and didn’t refer to anyone in particular, based on his close connection to Mr. Romney and the many headlines generated by the recent polls, it’s hard not to read his message as a comment on the state of the presidential race.

Some Romney campaign aides and conservative pundits have disputed the polls showing President Obama pulling ahead. For their part, the Obama campaign has repeatedly tried to downplay expectations and vowed to run the race as though they’re behind. Yesterday, the president’s campaign press secretary, Jen Psaki, told reporters they were willing to make any effort necessary to ensure staffers and volunteers weren’t distracted by the lead.

“If we have to issue horse blinders to everyone on our campaign staff, we will,” she said.

Mr. Biundo joined the Romney campaign in April after working as the campaign manager for Mr. Romney’s top rival in the Republican primaries, Rick Santorum. His position involves organizing conservative voters on Mr. Romney’s behalf.

View Mr. Biundo’s Facebook post below.

As Polls Swing Obama’s Way, Romney Advisor Recommends ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’