Assembly Budget Comm. wants to hear from treasurer and OLS budget officer

TRENTON –Democratic lawmakers have invited the state Treasurer to appear before the Assembly Budget Committee next week and give the Legislature an update on state revenues.

Assembly Democrats issued a release Thursday announcing Treasurer Andrew Sidamon-Eristoff is being asked to appear before the committee along with the Office of Legislative Service’s budget and finance office, David Rosen, to give a year-end review of the state’s revenues.

The committee-called meeting comes after OLS recently announced it expects New Jersey’s Fiscal Year 2012 revenues to miss the governor’s projections by about $254 million.

An Assembly Democrat spokesman, Tom Hester, didn’t immediately say whether Sidamon-Eristoff agreed to appear before the committee. Hester said Assembly Democrats e-mailed and called the Treasurer’s office and invited him to speak to lawmakers.

The State Treasurer’s office didn’t immediately respond for comment.

Rosen is expected to address the Assembly panel during the Wednesday meeting.

Gov. Chris Christie has been critical of Rosen, who he claims “can’t get it right” when it comes to revenue predictions.

The governor made the comments earlier in the week after OLS released the shortfall prediction. Christie blasted the nonpartisan office and the Democrats as dealing in blatantly political maneuvers to justify withholding tax cuts.

“Give him another month,’’ Christie said during the Monday press conference at Haddonfield Memorial High School, “and he’ll get it down to $100 million.’’

Assembly Budget Comm. wants to hear from treasurer and OLS budget officer