Now Astoria Wants Its Own Coworking Space

Because Starbucks doesn't count.

That Brooklyn Bagel has wifi, but that doesn’t make it a coworking space. (Photo:

The latest neighborhood trying to make a coworking space happen? It’s the former home of Archie Bunker, i.e. Astoria. The Daily News reports that three locals are shopping around for a space.

Maybe they can cut a deal with the beer garden?

At the moment, Astoria is a little lacking in public spaces for laptop luggers. There’s Astor Bake Shop, a couple of Starbucks outposts, and the ironically named Brooklyn Bagel, but there’s really nowhere to squat if you prefer to work away from caloric temptation. 

“You can only go to a Starbucks so many days a week before you get sick of it,” said one of the organizers, Nelson Ramirez, 28, who works at home as a software developer. “The demographics here would support the idea.”

Ray Craycraft, the founder of popular community forum Why Leave Astoria–who previously considered starting something similar–sounds a little skeptical. He told the News that while Astoria has plenty of “really creative people in Astoria with big ideas,” it’s also “very expensive to build something like this from the ground up.”

With Long Island City already angling for its own space, what Queens neighborhood is next? We’ll keep our fingers crossed for a General Assembly satellite campus in the bucolic environs of Forest Hills Gardens. Now Astoria Wants Its Own Coworking Space