Audition Online for CBS’s App-Based Game Show, Draw Something

While we were holding our breath for HBO’s dark and gritty adaptation of Angry Birds (starring James Gandolfini as Head Pig, Lauren Ambrose as Yellow Bird, and Paz de la Huerta as an egg), CBS was busy acquiring Zynga’s breakout app Draw Something for a new game show. You can even audition on the network’s website!

Here’s CBS’s description of the new 2.0 show:
DRAW SOMETHING is a dynamic, interactive game show where two teams consisting of one celebrity and one fan of the Draw Something app test their creativity and compete by drawing and guessing words to earn cash!

DRAW SOMETHING is being produced for CBS by Embassy Row, Ryan Seacrest Productions, and Sony Pictures Television.

The show is based on the most exciting and addictive mobile game ever created by Zynga and is sure to be a hit!

Woof, no mention that Zynga (the group behind Farmville) merely acquired Draw Something when it bought Omgpop? Or that since the buyout, Draw Something’s fan base has dropped so significantly that analysts have called the deal a “dud“? Well, at least Ryan Seacrest is involved.

The homepage brings you to an application form, where you can upload a photo of yourself as well as your best smartphone rendition of Starry Night. The show also asks for your relationship status, leaving us to wonder if CBS also has a marketing tie-in with Grindr or How About We. Actually, that’s a show we’d definitely watch. Well, if it was available on Hulu or something. Audition Online for CBS’s App-Based Game Show, <em>Draw Something</em>