Barclays Center Will Have Art by Mickalene Thomas, José Parlá, OpenEndedGroup

Rendering of Mickalene Thomas’s commission for the Barclays Center. (Courtesy the artist and Lehmann Maupin)

The new home of the Nets basketball team, the Barclays Center, which is set to open in downtown Brooklyn next Friday, will boast 101 luxury suites, one of Jay-Z’s 40/40 clubs and—its owners announced today—major site-specific artworks by Mickalene Thomas, the collective OpenEndedGroup and Fort Greene-based artist José Parlá.

Ms. Thomas will “create a 120-foot-long vinyl mural for the South Club at the Barclays Center that combines digital photo collage and painting to depict Brooklyn’s mix of urban architecture,” according to a news release from the stadium. The timing is certainly auspicious since the mid-career retrospective of the Brooklyn-based artist goes on view at the Brooklyn Museum on Sept. 28.

OpenEndedGroup—comprised of Marc Downie, Shelley Eshkar and Paul Kaiser—will present their 2010 installation After Ghostcatching, which “is built up from a larger sampling of the motions and vocalizations of dancer/choreographer Bill T. Jones,” the release stated.

José Parlá has created a 70-foot-long painting inspired by his experience as a Brooklyn resident, as well as the borough’s history. At a future time as of yet unannounced, the work will be installed at the Barclays Center where it will be visible from the street.

Art in stadiums is something of an emerging trend, with the Dallas Cowboys one of the notable leaders in the field. When its new stadium opened in 2009 it included works by many artists—Gary Simmons, Daniel Buren, Mel Bochner, Jacqueline Humphries among them.

Welcome to the club, Brooklyn Nets.

Barclays Center Will Have Art by Mickalene Thomas, José Parlá, OpenEndedGroup