Bigfoot sighted in Perth Amboy

CWA Local 1039 won’t endorse Frank Salado today in the Perth Amboy mayor’s race, or anyone else, according to sources.

The local was ready to press go on an endorsement of the challenger to Mayor Wilda Diaz, but got bigfooted after the larger organization objected, according to sources.

Salado settled for the addition of veteran operative Lionel A. Leach to his team.

President of CWA 1039, Leach threw his own personal weight behind Salado without the union behind him, according to a release.

“I am proud for Lionel to join the winning team for Frank Salado in Perth Amboy and to bring real Democrats to this great city,” said Manny Segura, senior advisor to the campaign.

“Lionel is a great union leader and a Democrat. We welcome his political experience here in Perth Amboy,” said Margie Perez, Salado’s campaign manager. Bigfoot sighted in Perth Amboy