Bill banning horse slaughter signed

TRENTON – A bill banning in-state horse slaughter has been signed into law.

A2023, which also bans the transport of horses to slaughter, as well as the sale of horsemeat for human consumption, was signed today by Gov. Chris Christie.

“This bipartisan measure is a nod to our decency and respect for horses in our state, ensuring that no horse is slaughtered in New Jersey for human consumption,” Christie said in a release.

“It also ensures that our highways will not be used to transport horses to slaughter in other states which have not enacted a similar ban on the practice.”

Under the new law, anyone who slaughters or sells horsemeat for human consumption would be guilty of a disorderly persons offense, subject to a fine of at least $100 and imprisonment of at least 30 days. They also would face civil fines of $500 to $1,000 for each horse.

“New Jersey does not eat horsemeat and our horses will not be taken from the stable to a table,”  Assemblyman Ronald S. Dancer, (R-30), Plumsted, one of the primary sponsors, said in a release. “The horse is New Jersey’s state animal and we appreciate these magnificent animals for their grace and beauty. We do not want them butchered or sold to slaughterhouses in our communities for human consumption.”

Bill banning horse slaughter signed