Bloomberg Dismisses Secret Romney Video ‘Sideshow’

(Photo: Getty)

Mitt Romney is feeling the heat in recent days after he was caught on video declaring that 47% of the country is “dependent upon government” and “believe that they are victims” because they do not pay federal income taxes. However, asked about it after a press conference today, Mayor Michael Bloomberg argued that more Americans should indeed be paying federal income taxes, even if it’s a tiny amount, and urged the press to ignore the entire “brouhaha.”

“I’ve always thought that everybody should file a tax return, and in fact an awful lot of people do that don’t pay taxes,” the billionaire mayor said, while defending the overall concept of higher tax rates for the rich. “But if you pay a dollar or at least file a return, I think it’s a good lesson that you are part of this society and you have a say and you have a responsibility and all of the great privileges that we have don’t come from nothing.”

Mr. Bloomberg next contended the entire controversy surrounding Mr. Romney’s remarks is degrading the overall political discourse in this country.

“I think all of this brouhaha over Romney’s comments take away from the fact that both of these candidates should be telling us what they’re going to do going forward with concrete plans to deal with immigration and guns and healthcare and balancing the budget,” he explained.

He also argued the media was actually helping President Barack Obama’s political agenda by breathlessly drawing attention to the remarks.

“These sideshows don’t benefit anybody except gives you something to put on the radio or these guys to write about in the press,” he posited. “Maybe it’s incumbent on the Fourth Estate to say that’s very nice, but you shouldn’t be making the story for them, for the other side! You should force the issue.”

Mr. Bloomberg, who said he knows who he will vote for but has not disclosed the choice, has defended both Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney over controversies in the past. Bloomberg Dismisses Secret Romney Video ‘Sideshow’