Bloomberg: Nope, Schumer’s the One Who’s Wrong About Obama and Gun Control

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A couple days ago, Senator Chuck Schumer critiqued Mayor Michael Bloomberg for what he felt was a false equivalency between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney on gun control. Earlier this morning, however, Mr. Bloomberg fired back and said Mr. Schumer is “just wrong” on this matter.

“The disgrace is once they get into office, then they don’t do anything,” he said after addressing both candidates’ failures on economic policy. “Guns, I’ve been riling against guns. But neither presidential candidate has said what they’ll do. I saw Senator Schumer–who I agree with on an awful lot of things, but in this case I think he’s just wrong–he says, ‘Obama’s a lot better on guns than Romney.'”

“I disagree with Mayor Bloomberg, and I thought that was unfair,” Mr. Schumer had said. “Because basically Barack Obama espouses the policies the mayor agrees with or supports. Whereas Romney has opposed.”

But Mr. Bloomberg doesn’t think that’s quite the case.

“Romney, at least, when he was governor of Massachusetts, passed a bill banning assault weapons,” he countered today. “Now today’s he’s on the other side of it. The president of the United States, Barack Obama, when he campaigned four years ago, campaigned and said he would get a bill passed and never did anything. Neither of them have been willing to stand up, neither the Democrats or the Republicans.”

Although Mr. Bloomberg did stress that his argument was not against Mr. Schumer himself.

“In all fairness to Chuck Schumer, he has stood up,” he explained. “But he’s just one voice! He understands the issue. You can’t criticize Chuck for not understanding the problem and not doing anything about it. But he’s only one senator.”

Bloomberg: Nope, Schumer’s the One Who’s Wrong About Obama and Gun Control