Booting Up: Bezos Is Right Behind You Edition

Now is the part where I throw my head back and laugh. (Photo:

Amazon is carpeting the country with distribution centers, thereby creeping ever-closer to next-day delivery and the possibility of sealing its complete dominance over all retail. Hail, Bezos! [New York Times]

Sorry, Jeff, but Walt Mossberg says he can’t quite sign off on the claim that the Kindle Fire HD is “the best tablet at any price.” [AllThingsD]

For those keeping score at home, there are now 500 million Android devices. [Fast Company]

Tesla plans to build an SUV. In the future, even the mildest-mannered, most ozone-conscious environmentalist will be able to his own modest tank. [Wired]

Microsoft has an uphill battle if they want to make “Bing it” happen. Why? Because it sounds lame. [Fast Company]

Booting Up: Bezos Is Right Behind You Edition