Booting Up: Day After iPhone Christmas Edition

Today even perfectly functional iPhones look like this. (Photo:

Don’t look now, but is that the University of California doing a spot of patent trolling? This august institution has just sued Facebook, Disney, and Wal-Mart for infringing on patents related to browsers running interactive applications. [PC World]

In which Apple presentations are compared to Victorian magic tricks, as explained in Christopher Nolan’s 2006 classic, The Prestige. [TechCrunch]

This list of 11 things you can do with your old iPhone strangely omits an important option: Sacrificially burning it under a full moon in a midnight ritual to propitiate the great gods of technology in the hopes of receiving NFC in the next update. [USA Today]

Brits discover the world’s oldest color film footage “gathering dust in a tin.” [The Verge] Booting Up: Day After iPhone Christmas Edition