Calls for Mack’s resignation continue

Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes this afternoon called on embattled Trenton Mayor Tony Mack to resign his post after Mack was arrested by federal authorities early Monday.

In a statement, Hughes, a Democrat, said the people of Trenton deserve better.

“Citizens deserve the full attention of their elected leaders, working on their behalf, and the mayor’s legal problems make it impossible for him to put city residents first. I believe in leading responsibly, and I feel strongly that all elected officials should serve with transparency and integrity, and that they be held accountable for their actions,” Hughes said in a statement.

“The public has grown weary over cases of corruption in the halls of government, and these latest allegations anger and frustrate me. The people of Trenton deserve better, and it’s time for Mayor Mack to resign.”   Calls for Mack’s resignation continue