The New Yorker’s Cartoon Editor Addresses ‘Nipplegate’ in Live Chat

The cartoon that launched a Facebook ban. (The New Yorker)

Last week, The New Yorker was banned from Facebook when it posted an image from its cartoon issue featuring a naked Adam and Eve. (Eve was drawn with nipples, which is pornography in the eyes of Mark Zuckerberg.)

Though the issue has since been taken care of, the magazine’s cartoon editor Bob Mankoff descended from Mt. Vesuvius on the 33rd floor of the Condé Nast building to participate in an open live chat about Nipplegate, Seinfeld and anything else you ever wanted to know about how New Yorker cartoons are made. He even answered one of our questions, though he never explained why he didn’t just do this whole thing over on Reddit’s AMA, which is now the de facto medium for all important Q&As.

Here are some of the best responses:

<em>The New Yorker</em>’s  Cartoon Editor Addresses ‘Nipplegate’ in Live Chat