Cat Uses Facebook to Paw His Way Into Canadian Mayoral Election

Adorable selfies sway the electorate.

Political power? Purrfect. (Photo: Facebook)

Social media has played an increasingly important role in elections over the years–just ask the Obama campaign for confirmation on that. But there’s one frisky feline who’s using the platform to drum up support for a Halixfax mayoral campaign. Meet Tuxedo Stan the cat: He’s running for mayor in Canada, because why the fuck not?

Mr. Stan began his campaign back in June when he founded the Tuxedo Party, hoping to raise awareness about improving “the welfare of felines ‘because neglect isn’t working.'” So far, he’s amassed close to 1,000 Facebook fans and has established an entire political machine surrounding his platform. There’s tons of campaign swag, including buttons, signs and tshirts. Mr. Stan even has an international outfit over in the Netherlands. And he did it all with the help of an active Facebook page.

In addition to addressing the stray cat problem in Halifax, Mr. Stan has also adopted a firm formal wear platform: “Tuxedos will be mandatory at city hall when I’m elected mayor,” he wrote on his Facebook page. “We need to improve our image.”

When reached for comment, Mr. Stan said, “Meow.”

Cat Uses Facebook to Paw His Way Into Canadian Mayoral Election