Christie blasts latest OLS projections

TRENTON – Gov. Chris Christie today blasted the latest Office of Legislative Services memo, which said 2012 revenues are predicted to be $250 million below expectation.

“That’s good news,’’ Christie said sarcastically. “A month ago they said it would be $542 million.  He (David Rosen of OLS) can’t get it right. Now he’s admitted he’s wrong by more than 50 percent.”

Christie blasted OLS and the Democrats as dealing in blatantly political maneuvers to justify withholding tax cuts.

“Give him another month,’’ Christie said during a press conference at Haddonfield Memorial High School, “and he’ll get it down to $100 million.’’

Christie said this is why everyone should wait for the figures that are released at the end of the year, which will tell how the state really did in revenue collection.

Christie blasts latest OLS projections