Christie on keynote: Make case for GOP governors

HOWELL – Gov. Chris Christie gave residents a little insight today into why he chose to give the keynote address he chose to deliver.

The governor defended his speech following some claims that he didn’t spend enough time attacking President Barack Obama during his Republican National Convention keynote address in Tampa.

Christie was asked by a resident during a town hall meeting why he didn’t tell Obama to “get the hell out of the White House,” using Christie’s widely known  “get the hell off the beach” comment the governor made during Hurricane Irene last year.

“I really felt like when I had 22 million people watching me, what mattered much more was not to make the case against Barack Obama, but to make the case for Republican governors,” Christie said.

“It wasn’t the time for me to go out there and lambaste the president of the United States,” he said.

Christie on keynote: Make case for GOP governors