Christie says ‘entire narrative is going to change’ after first presidential debate

Gov. Chris Christie assured a national audience that although polls may indicate President Barack Obama has taken a slight lead in the presidential race, it isn’t over yet.

The governor told David Gregory from Meet the Press that polls can quickly change, and that he fully expects them to after the first presidential debate scheduled for Wednesday. Former Gov. Mitt Romney can handle himself in a debate, Christie said, adding “I think you’re going to start to see those numbers move right in the other direction.”

“Gov. Romney, I know, is going to do a great job on Wednesday night,” Christie said. “I’m telling you David, on Thursday morning the entire narrative is going to change.”

Christie went on to say that the general public is “just beginning to tune into this race” and that with more than a month to go before the upcoming election, the outcome is far from certain.

He said a recent secret recording at a Romney fundraiser in which the former governor made comments that 47 percent of Americans have already made up their minds on who to vote for has not caused any political damage for Romney.

Christie said the “country knows that we have big problems” and that all the president has brought to the table is “happy talk,” he said, adding that every once in a while candidates are going to say something that comes out wrong.

The governor also defended Romney against criticism that he’s failed to provide details of exactly how he intends to lift the country from economic woes if he’s elected.

“Let’s hold the president to the same standard and criticize him as well,” Christie said, explaining not as much attention has been given to holding Obama’s feet to the fire on details of his plan to create a million manufacturing jobs in the country, for example.

“I think Gov. Romney will lay out some very important points over the next 36 days,” Christie said.

“The public will have plenty of detail and information to be able to make a judgment on Gov. Romney,” he said. Christie says ‘entire narrative is going to change’ after first presidential debate