City Hall Horse Race: Before the Fall Edition

It’s time for the latest installment of our weekly scorecard for next year’s potential mayoral candidates, rating how they’ve been doing in recent days. Overall, this final week of summer hasn’t been particularly charged, but if one looks closely, a couple candidates can be spotted quietly laying the groundwork for their 2013 campaign apparatuses.

Here’s our highlights:

Billy Thompson‘s otherwise sleepy campaign woke up a little this week, picking a fight with Christine Quinn over her union-backed legislation regulating affordable housing construction. Mr. Thompson says it’s not about politics, but the move can’t hurt his sluggish fundraising.

Bill de Blasio probably enjoys reports that include the phrase “Mr. de Blasio’s legal actions have most irritated Mr. Bloomberg.” His latest lawsuit, a case involving disabled children, could help frame his education policy during next year’s campaign.

Scott Stringer joined other elected officials today to release a report on public safety concerns at housing developments, but the highlight of his week had to be his spokeswoman Audrey Gelman giving him a solid plug in Vogue making him quite literally en Vogue. Fashionable!

Christine Quinn has three words for you: Barbra. Freakin’. Streisand. Other than that and Mr. Thompson’s rumblings, it’s been a quiet week for the council speaker apart from a few events in the outer boroughs and a Good Day New York interview yesterday.

Tom Allon is currently pushing for women to take control of the levers of power in state goverment. Of course, in the context of the mayoral race, that might suggest an argument to elect Ms. Quinn as the first female in Gracie Mansion

John Liu is taking heat for giving a no-bid contract to a pension investor he previously fired for poor performance. Additionally, his supporters kept referencing Nazis at a press event denouncing the federal investigation into his fundraising. Not helping, guys.

City Hall Horse Race: Before the Fall Edition