Crain’s Newsletter to Become ‘Online Blog’

Crain’s New York Business’ stand-alone newsletter will no longer be delivered to email inboxes every morning. Instead, subscribers can now get the magazine’s online content on a blog.

“Crain’s Insider newsletter will be turned into an online blog that offers news on the business of politics during the day,” Crain’s announced. Unlike the newsletter, which cost a separate fee, blog access will be included with a Crain’s subscription.

If the format is reminiscent of City and State‘s old Notebook blog, well, the writing may be as well. Crain’s reporters Andy Hawkins and Chris Bragg are both former City and State staffers. “The city’s hundreds of thousands of business owners, executives and professionals will need these stories more than ever as Mayor Michael Bloomberg completes his final 15 months in office and the people of New York choose his successor. The mission of the new Crain’s Insider blog is to deliver that ‘insider’ coverage–as only Crain’s New York Business can–to the city’s entire business community,”  the magazine’s editor Glenn Coleman said in a press release.

The blog will launch on Monday, October 15 and the last newsletter will go out the previous Friday.

The metro-focused business newsletter has discovered the future, and the future is a blog.

Note: The post has been corrected. We mistakenly said that Crain’s Insider newsletter is sent out in the afternoon. In fact, it is emailed first thing in the morning. Crain’s Newsletter to Become ‘Online Blog’