Dan Halloran Keeps Up the Good Fight for Ron Paul Supporters

Dan Halloran speaking before the crowd at the Rebel.

GOP Councilman Dan Halloran is an underdog congressional campaign in a staunchly Democratic district where his opponent has repeatedly attacked him for his support of Ron Paul’s presidential campaign, but Mr. Halloran has no plans to slow down his advocacy in Mr. Paul’s political movement any time soon. To that end, he was among the supporters of Mr. Paul who gathered in Maine a couple weeks ago, and last night, he addressed a crowd that had gathered for Mr. Paul’s son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, near Penn Station last night.

“Problem is, we ain’t getting Ron in the White House. … We have a choice: Do we keep what we have, or do we trade it in?” Mr. Halloran said to the enthusiastic crowd, making the case for Mitt Romney’s campaign. “We can’t afford to have four more years of Barack Hussein Obama. We can’t afford it. Our country can’t economically. Our people can’t afford it. If you think people are out of work today, when the real depression hits us, and there’s no leadership in the White House, there’s going to be nowhere to hide. This country will come to a grinding halt. The Constitution, you can just forget about it.”

Mr. Halloran said some of that erosion of liberty has already begun at home with Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s various restrictive proposals as well as nationally, with President Barack Obama’s healthcare reform bill and Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign making life difficult for supporters of Mr. Paul. However, Mr. Halloran encouraged the crowd not to lose hope.

“If we have people like Rand Paul in the Senate of the United States speaking up for us, if we have men like that doing what needs to be done, then this Republic is not dead,” he said. “Don’t be disparaged at what happened this year with the Ron Paul campaign. Don’t be disparaged by some of the things that have gone on. Keep momentum alive!”

He added, “I implore all of you, continue the fight.”

Overall, Mr. Halloran seemed a little less assertive than some of his other recent appearances before conservative crowds where he had directly engaged his Democratic opponent, Assemblywoman Grace Meng and her father, who was arrested on bribery charges earlier this summer. For example, on one occasion, he tossed out a number for what Mr. Meng might have raised on his daughter’s behalf, and on another, he insinuated she would have been complicit in her father’s crime had it been carried out. For her part, Ms. Meng has maintained that she has nothing to do with the allegations.

Last night, however, Mr. Halloran only referred to “my opponent,” and only in the context of her outraising him and soliciting contributions from Hollywood, who use their money to “tell the blind sheep how to vote.”

Additionally, his appearance was in no way as fiery as his speech to another crowd of Ron Paul supporters at Liberty Fest NYC last year. Watch that address below.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzq-08Wr7AE] Dan Halloran Keeps Up the Good Fight for Ron Paul Supporters