Despite Its Rusting Hulk Exterior, Brooklyn’s Barclays Center Is High-Tech

Free Wifi and food ordering apps = the future.

Behold the behemoth! (Photo:

It might look like an oil carrier abandoned on a forgotten shore, but the Verge reports that the recently opened Barclays Center is actually something of a technological showcase. The Internet: It’s not just for Manhattan anymore!

According to the Verge, you won’t just be able to get 3G and LTE reception, which is already an improvement over many massive structures. There’s also free Wifi available throughout the stadium. That’s good news for all you music buffs out there, because it means there’ll be a ton of footage from the concerts later this month–Jay-Z, Justin Bieber, the Who, Barbra Steisand–available on YouTube for approximately two hours before the copyright bots start playing whack-a-mole.

That invisible river of Wifi will flow around the building’s exterior as well.Which of course prompts the question of whether such beneficence will extend to the Atlantic Avenue Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center subway station underneath.

Another advancement in entertainment technology: an app will allow you to order and pay for concessions from your seat. Of course, you’ll probably still have to wait in a pickup line and, more importantly, this does not solve the serious problem faced by those of us a mild terror of heights, namely that you must get up from your stadium seats and brave the vertigo-inducing view to retrieve your Nathan’s Famous.

But the crowning touch is a “360-degree LED marquee that encircles the outer pavilion.” The improbable name? The “Oculus.”

What, did they let Marvel name things as part of some undisclosed cosponsorship?

Despite Its Rusting Hulk Exterior, Brooklyn’s Barclays Center Is High-Tech