DNC Leaders Mock Republicans’ Lack of Diversity, Dance Skills

Donna Brazile (Photo: Getty)

CHARLOTTE, NC — First Lady Michelle Obama spoke to the African American Caucus at the Democratic National Convention this morning. Prior to Ms. Obama’s speech, the audience heard from Democratic National Committee Vice Chair Donna Brazile and Virgie Rollins, chairwoman of the Black Caucus. The two women mocked the absence of racial diversity and dance skills they saw on display at last week’s Republican National Convention in Tampa.

“The other side, when you saw their African American delegates, they were a little bit lacking weren’t they?” Ms. Rollins said after noting that this year’s Democratic convention is hosting the largest delegation in the history of the Black Caucus.

When it was Ms. Brazile’s turn to speak she began by speaking to the empty chair next to her in a spoof of actor Clint Eastwood’s RNC speech.

“They told us when we got in this morning to get in quickly and take your seat and I just want to let my seat know I’ll be right back,” she joked to huge laughs from the crowd.

Ms. Brazile went on to discuss how Ms. Obama got the audience “on our feet” with her convention speech last night. She assured the audience that Bill Clinton and the other speakers on this evening’s convention schedule would also have the crowd “stomping your feet,” something she said she didn’t witness at last week’s RNC.

“I was at the Republican Convention last week and nobody could get down. I went down there one day, they were playing some of the Motown. I said, ‘Can you all just move?’ They’re sitting there like this,” Ms. Brazile said making a stiff, still pose.

In contrast, Ms. Brazile said, at the DNC, “last night you all had it down.”

Politicker actually witnessed some dancing when we were at the RNC last week. However, we’re not remotely qualified to judge the quality of the Republican delegates’ dance moves.

DNC Leaders Mock Republicans’ Lack of Diversity, Dance Skills