Domestic violence victim assistance bills clear committee

TRENTON – Victims of domestic violence who are forced to drop out of college courses will receive a waiver for classes they already paid for, according to legislation that cleared an Assembly committee.

The bill, A1122, would establish the Domestic Violence Tuition Waiver Program. The program would provide a waiver of all tuition costs for people, who as a result of being victims of domestic violence, are unable to complete college coursework for tuition costs that have already been paid, according to the bill.

Advocates of the proposal argued the bill will help victims of domestic violence continue their college education and ultimately put them in better positions to remove themselves from harmful situations.

The bill cleared the Assembly Appropriation Committee following little discussion from lawmakers.

The Assembly Appropriations Committee also voted to release A2919, which creates the New Jersey Security and Financial Empowerment Act, which seeks to assist victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

The proposal provides 20 days of leave time for an employee who is the victim of domestic violence or sexual assault or whose family or household member was the victim of such assault.

The committee also voted to release other bills:

A1551, which would clarify the statutes concerning adverse possession and promote the stability of land titles in light of the New Jersey Supreme Court’s decision in J & M Land Co. v. First Union National Bank, according to the bill.

A2641, would authorize the creation of stormwater utilities for certain local government entities.

The bill would authorize a county, county utilities authority, municipality, or municipal utilities authority that holds combined sewer systems … to establish, provide and maintain a stormwater utility for the purpose of creating a stormwater management system to manage stormwater runoff, according to the bill.

It would also authorize those entities to finance the creation, operation and maintenance of the stormwater utility system through the imposition of user fees.

Lawmakers voted to release the bill along party lines.

Domestic violence victim assistance bills clear committee