Ed Koch Would Have Liked to See Justin Timberlake Nude in New Movie

Ed Koch (Photo: Getty)

Former Mayor Ed Koch is an avid movie watcher who maintains an email list where  he sends out his reviews. His review of the news sports drama “Trouble with the Curve” was released earlier today and it is particularly amusing. Mr. Koch, who labeled the film “really bad,” was clearly not a fan.

Specifically, he was upset with the lack of on-screen romance between the film’s two younger stars.

“Mickey (Amy Adams), tries desperately to help her dad recruit promising players. Mickey’s love interest is Johnny (Justin Timberlake), but there is no chemistry on screen between the two of them,” the former mayor wrote.

What’s more, Mr. Koch didn’t appreciate that Mr. Timberlake and Ms. Adams did not disrobe completely during a particularly romantic scene.

“Everything about this picture is wrong,” he continued. “At one point in the film Mickey and Johnny skinny dip–neither of them remove their underclothes. Avoid.”

Mr. Koch also took aim at the movie’s other star, Clint Eastwood.

“Clint Eastwood did not direct this film,” he wrote. “Eastwood did, however, direct his skit during the Republican Convention when he had his 15 minutes in the sun. It was an embarrassment for those who watched it.”

Mr. Koch also included a review of the acclaimed documentary “Searching For Sugar Man” in his email today. He was much more enthusiastic about that film, which he described as “peaceful, comforting and occasionally lyrical.”

Ed Koch Would Have Liked to See Justin Timberlake Nude in New Movie