Evening Read: ‘A Desperate Candidate Will Do Desperate Things’

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District Leader Lincoln Restler‘s supporters are crying foul and alleging fraud as the final paper ballots are being counted in his tight race against Chris Olechowski. However, it’s important to remember that alleging fraud is one thing and proving it is something else. For example, one piece of evidence, a photo of a voter’s driver’s license suggesting someone else cast a vote in his name, came from a voter who told Politcker he actually backed Mr. Olechowski’s campaign. “They’re taking their fraud and giving it to the other side,” he said, alleging that supporters of Mr. Restler deliberately tried to disenfranchise him. Additionally, on Election Day, a prominent Hasidic supporter of Mr. Olechowski’s told us they were frustrated by what they claimed were multiple fraudulent tactics from their rivals, so the charges can go both ways. But regardless of who’s right, Mr. Restler’s supporters might be correct that changes are needed so the city provides more Yiddish-speaking poll workers more voting locations in an area where primary turnout is stratospheric.

Rep. Michael Grimm has a new tough ad out against his Democratic opponent Mark Murphy. In the ad, Mr. Grimm attacks “Hollywood Mark Murphy” for his brief acting career in California, not paying loans, and for “shamelessly” going negative on him. “A desperate candidate will do desperate things,” the narrator concluded.

Mr. Murphy had his own announcement today — the endorsement of former Mayor Ed Koch. “I’m honored to receive such a strong and important endorsement from Ed Koch, a man I deeply admire and respect,” Mr. Murphy said in a statement. “I am grateful for his support and his willingness to campaign on my behalf. I look forward to delivering the honest leadership voters deserve, after years of scandals, failed policies, and bad decisions from Michael Grimm.”

Democratic State Senate candidate Simcha Felder is confident he snagged away the Conservative Party line from his opponent, GOP Senator David Storobin. If true, he accomplished this by registering lots of new voters–which takes effect immediately, unlike changing an existing voter’s registration–and telling them to write-in Mr. Felder’s name against the incumbent. For their part, Mr. Storobin’s campaign is reserving comment until the final votes are counted.

At last night’s meeting of the Kings County Democratic Party, District Leader Frank Seddio wasn’t the only one receiving a promotion. Renee Collymore, the newly-elected female district leader in Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries‘ seat, was nominated to be the party’s treasurer according to a press release she recently sent out. The move is notable both because Mr. Jeffries was openly floating Karim Camara‘s name as a challenger for Mr. Seddio, and the previous treasurer was one of the controversial “at-large” district leaders Mr. Seddio eliminated as an olive branch to heal the party.

Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Sunday media event Upstate will require attending reporters to sign an extensive waiver:

We might encounter hazards typical to the Adirondacks, such as rough water, wild animals, forest pests, snakes, hunting, rough and/or slippery terrain, and quickly changing, possibly adverse, weather conditions, thunderstorms and other severe weather.

We may experience or utilize many forms of transportation, including cars, vans, motor boats, canoes, kayaks, rafts or bicycles. It is possible that any of these modes of transport could become rough, causing motion discomfort, or become disabled as a result of misjudgments or mistakes by me, another trip participant, the trip guide, the operator of the vehicle, a third party or an act of God.

We may be hiking or walking to reach our destinations during this trip. We may encounter steep slopes, cliffs, narrow or slippery trails; rivers or streams with swift currents; rockslides, landslides, and varying weather conditions and temperatures. I may slip and fall, damaging equipment, or causing injury to myself or others, or be subject to sunburn, heatstroke, hypothermia or frostbite.

We may be fishing, swimming, boating and/or engaging in other water activities. Rocks, snags, and other unforeseeable risks are possible.

As part of the experience, we hope to view wildlife in its natural habitat, and such wildlife may be dangerous.

Evening Read: ‘A Desperate Candidate Will Do Desperate Things’