Evening Read: ‘I’ve Got Bieber Fever’

Tim Tebow vs. Cory Booker 2017? Mark your calendars. (Photo: Getty)

Tim Tebow isn’t ruling out running for political office! “I haven’t ruled it out. Whatever avenue I feel like I can make a difference in, I’d love to do,” the Jets’ backup quarterback told ESPN New York without saying what he might run for. “It won’t be anytime soon in my future, but it’ll be something I’ll at least look at and consider one day.”

Councilman Dan Halloran may be campaigning for congress, but at least one candidate is looking to take a piece out of him in the context of his 2013 reelection campaign. To wit, Democratic City Council candidate Matt Silverstein sent out a press release chastising the Republican for attending a fundraiser on behalf of controversial Congressman Allen West. “Dan Halloran’s alliance with Allen West is a clear reminder of why Dan Halloran is the wrong choice to serve the 6th Congressional District in Congress & the wrong choice to serve the 19th Council District in the NYC Council,” Mr. Silverstein said. Asked if he had any response to the charges, Mr. Halloran’s campaign spokesman Steve Stites didn’t back down. “As City Councilman, Dan Halloran works to keep cops on the streets and make New Yorkers safe,” he said. “As a perennial political candidate for everything under the sun, Matt Silverstein puts out press releases.”

Rep. Michael Grimm continued to roll out endorsement after endorsement. Yesterday it was the Building and Construction Trade Council, while today it was a firefighters’ union. “After 9/11 he worked tirelessly at Ground Zero shoulder-to-shoulder with FDNY firefighters,” Uniformed Firefighters Association President Stephen Cassidy said in a statement. “That service to our nation and to New York City along with his performance in Congress has earned Congressman Michael Grimm the endorsement of the UFA.”

Mr. Grimm’s Democratic opponent Mark Murphy, however, was concerned about the incumbent’s vision for tax fairness, especially in light of Mitt Romney’s now-infamous fundraiser remarks where he derided 47% of America for being dependent on government:

“Grimm and Romney share the same disdain for 47 percent of Americans, and everyone represented by Grimm in Congress should be deeply offended by that. It’s worth recalling that, in a recent debate on NY1, Grimm said 47 percent of Americans do not pay any federal taxes, which is a vicious and divisive lie, as many media outlets have reminded Romney yesterday and today. Grimm also said in the same debate these Americans “need skin in the game,” suggesting something very similar to what Romney told his audience at the now infamous fundraiser: that 47 percent of Americans are freeloaders, dependent on government and unable to take personal responsibility for their lives. We already know that Grimm has shown tremendous disrespect for many working families in his district, by refusing to deliver real middle class tax relief and supporting the harmful Ryan budget. This is more evidence of it. Working families deserve to be treated much better. ”

Another New Yorker discussing Mr. Romney’s “47%” remark today was longshot U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long. She embraced even a critical reading of the remarks by saying, “It’s just a reflection of the fact that Obama really does want to create this culture of dependency.”

Ed Koch isn’t just complaining about President Barack Obama today, he also issued an endorsement a Democratic candidate in one of the hottest State Senate races in New Yorker, Assemblyman George Latimer. “As the former Mayor of New York City, I recognize that in order to serve the people effectively, you must make tough decisions and to do so you need the trust of the people you represent,” the former mayor declared. “When George says he’s going to lower your taxes, that’s another pledge that I know he will honor.” In another campaign development today, Mr. Latimer’s campaign also pressed his GOP opponent, Bob Cohen, to debate later this week.

Watch Jumaane Williamsaltercation with the NYPD in Zuccotti Park last night. You know you want to.

New Yorkers who want to hear Senator Liz Krueger sing can do so tomorrow evening, if they so desire. At a fundraising event entitled “Karaoke with Krueger,” supporters can contribute amounts like “I’ve got Bieber Fever: $100” and “Call Me Maybe: $50.” Our well-connected sources have confirmed that Ms. Krueger will indeed take the stage at least once, along with current/former members of her staff.

Evening Read: ‘I’ve Got Bieber Fever’