Evening Read: ‘The Scariest Bill to Ever Be Discussed by the Council’

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is clearly hoping her supporters are ignorant about the specifics of her reelection campaign against Republican Wendy Long. Ms. Gillibrand, with over $10 million in her bank account, asked her supporters for additional money apparently needed to keep a television ad running in relatively cheap Upstate media markets. Ms. Long’s campaign, in contrast, is being funded by loose change and an occasional trip to the pawn shop.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is moving beyond his complete obsession with Greek yogurt, and now, booze is in the mix as well. “We’re going to spend some time meeting with the leaders of the industry,” Mr. Cuomo said of beer and winemakers in the state. “When we’re doing that, they might have issue — if they want to do marketing collaboration, if they want to talk about some regulations…then we’ll come together and have the meeting,”

Mr. Cuomo may no longer be in the awkward position of backing GOP Senator Roy McDonald, but he said he was comfortable with Republicans going overboard using him in their campaign materials, so  long as they’re accurate. “Gov. Cuomo didn’t look particularly upset this morning that several Republican senators are using footage of him in their campaign ads,” the Daily News reported. “Cuomo says as long as what is being said is accurate, he doesn’t have a problem with any Republican or Democrat using his likeness.”

Tell us what you really think, Councilman Peter Vallone. There’s a bill being considered that will redefine “racial profiling,” which the law-and-order lawmaker declared to be the “scariest bill to ever be discussed by the council.”

Cue the sad violins: The U.S. House will probably stay in Republican hands, thanks in no small part to Republican-controlled Legislatures gerrymandering the heck out of certain districts.  “We’d have to see an amazing landslide in order for these districts to flip,” a pollster explained to Dave Weigel. “If there was a big coattail effect, that would mean that the people who drew the districts didn’t do very good jobs.”

However, the latest Siena poll didn’t contain very good news for GOP congressional candidate Maggie Brooks, who’s hoping to unseat veteran Rep. Louise Slaughter in November. Not only is Ms. Slaughter up by double digits, President Barack Obama has a huge lead over Mitt Romney, meaning Ms. Slaughter would need an abnormally high number of Mr. Obama’s supporters to switch teams down the ballot, which doesn’t appear to be happening so far.

The Senate Democrats are losing their new media director Jennifer Krinsky. “It is with great excitement and fond memories that I am writing to inform you that I will be leaving the Senate and moving on to a new an exciting opportunity at the State Department of Labor as their Downstate/NYC Press Officer,” she wrote to her email list earlier this afternoon. “After serving on Central Staff, as well as for the great Senator Liz Krueger, I am very much looking forward to beginning a new chapter in my professional life.”

North Country Rep. Bill Owens has a new ad out attacking his Republican Matt Doheny opponent for working in dastardly Manhattan:
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Evening Read: ‘The Scariest Bill to Ever Be Discussed by the Council’