Evening Read: ‘You Don’t Have to Hold Your Crotch to Prove You’re Capable of Leadership’

Michael Bloomberg speaking at today’s press conference.

At a press conference today, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he didn’t have confidence in politicians who “caved” to unions in opposing Walmart– i.e. almost every Democrat in New York City, including many of his allies. “They try and pressure elected officials,”Mr. Bloomberg said of the unions. “The fact that some elected officials caved to that pressure does not do those elected officials any good with the public and also they should have trouble looking at themselves in the mirror.

One consequence of redistricting was Orthodox Jewish areas being moved from Senator Malcolm Smith’s overwhelmingly Democratic district to Senator Joe Addabo‘s more moderate one. And Mr. Addabbo’s Republican challenger, Councilman Eric Ulrich, has already picked up Jewish support in that community in the form of the Far Rockaway Jewish Alliance, announced in a press release earlier today.

Referencing Mr. Ulrich’s race, Yeshiva World News “exclusively” presented the real winners and losers from last week’s election.

Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer‘s flack Audrey Gelman made it in Vogue. “He’s a real guy,” she said of her boss, a like mayoral candidate in 2013. “And he just understands government better than anyone I know,but he also appreciates the special sauce of New York. Special sauce. He says that a lot. That’s his line. ”

Yesterday, Karl Rove’s American Crossroads and Crossroads GPS announced their very congressional first target is Long Island Rep. Tim Bishop, which is apparently “just the beginning of a congressional campaign push that will add up to the ‘tens of millions,'” according to a Crossroads official.

At a media availability today, Governor Andrew Cuomo proved that he is still Governor Andrew Cuomo. Given the opportunity to slam Mitt Romney’s critical remarks of Americans who don’t pay taxes, Mr. Cuomo distantly opined, “I think it was indicative of his philosophy which isn’t my philosophy.” Oh, he also continued to suggest he’s willing to back Republicans come November.

Senator Tony Avella was also still himself today, becoming the first notable Democrat to say something like this, “I hope that Speaker Silver will realize that for the good of the state, which he has devoted his life to serving, he should voluntarily step down.”

The Working Families Party sent out an email to supporters entitled, “Mitt Romney to America: drop dead.” Lest there be any doubt as to what the subject matter was, the opening line was “Have you seen the video yet?” The email also announced the breaking news that the WFP is backing President Barack Obama‘s reelection bid

Ah, New Jersey. Quote Speaker Sheila Oliver: “You don’t have to hold your crotch to prove you’re capable of leadership.”

There were a couple new television ads out today, but GOP congressional candidate Maggie Brooks probably had the best production values of the bunch. The theme of the ad is basically that her opponent, Rep. Louise Slaughter, is everything that’s wrong with Washington:
[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tUgDfdYEUY&w=560&h=315%5D

Evening Read: ‘You Don’t Have to Hold Your Crotch to Prove You’re Capable of Leadership’