‘Fracking’ wastewater bill’s fate undecided, Christie says

HOWELL – Gov. Chris Christie said today he has yet to make up his mind on whether he’ll sign or veto a “fracking” wastewater bill sitting on his desk.

“I’ll take a look at this bill and I’ll decide what to do with it,” Christie said during a Howell town hall meeting.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I haven’t decided.”

The governor quickly flipped the script, telling the resident who asked the question that New Jersey politicians are quick to take up legislation that’s preemptive in nature rather than addressing problems currently facing the state.

Christie also pointed out that the head of the Environmental Protection Agency, a President Barack Obama appointee, has given testimony stating the agency cannot “give one instance” where fracking has contaminated drinking water.

Opponents of fracking have testified at committee hearings, however, that hydraulic fracturing wastewater already is finding its way into New Jersey from Pennsylvania, and they are calling on the administration to prohibit the treatment or storage of the wastewater in this state.

‘Fracking’ wastewater bill’s fate undecided, Christie says