French Guy Builds What Basically Amounts to a Bong for Food

We can totally see this becoming a startup perk.

Duuuuude. (Photo:, Paul Cooper)

Sometimes, particularly as pangs of hunger creep up on you just before bed, you want a little snack without worrying where on your hips said food will take its revenge. It’s normal, really. Human.

But sometimes, well–sometimes you want to inhale a steam of boiled food ingredients through a cauldron-like futuristic device. Luckily, a French scientist is here to sate your utmost desires. David Edwards, a professor at Harvard, has created what one Redditor called “a food bong.”

According to the CBC:

The idea is called Le Whaf, where ingredients of a meal are boiled into a liquid, strained, then poured into a large French gadget, similar to a glass cauldron….

“It’s a vase that has an ultrasound planted in the bottom of it, so it agitates the liquid hard enough and fast enough that it will create a cloud,” Aitken said, “It is used, essentially, as a vehicle for flavour.”

The cloud of food can be inhaled through a straw.

The device is apparently growing in popularity among European dieters because it’s a non-caloric appetite quencher. You could also like, live above a really delicious smelling restaurant, but we assume that’s simply not as chic.

We’re sure it won’t be long before Le Whaf carves a space for itself in the startup ecosystem, particularly amongst those offices where group starvation is a team building exercise.

French Guy Builds What Basically Amounts to a Bong for Food