Gjonaj Headline-Bombs Naomi Rivera in Mailer

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Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera, who has be subject to a barrage of bad headlines since the New York Post reported that she had a secret Facebook page containing evidence that she gave a government job to her boyfriend, and subsequently reported an ex-boyfriend dropping allegations of corruption, doesn’t look like she’s in the clear yet. While the headlines may have shifted to the bigger story of Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s collapse and Speaker Sheldon Silver’s prior efforts to shield him, Ms. Rivera’s main opponent Mark Gjonaj is using his hefty campaign account to further press the case.

To wit, campaign literature is hitting the Bronx asking residents, “Is this the type of person you want representing your family in Albany?” Some of the most critical headlines from the Post and other outlets are featured, including PIX 11’s, “Assemblywoman Caught Up in Sex Scandal with Two Young Men” and the Bronx Times‘ “Naomi Rivera gets herself into a Snooki tabloid scandal.”

The back side of the mailer features a red-tinted photo of Ms. Rivera listing all of the agencies investigating her and urging voters to “Vote NO on Rivera.”

Notably, the literature doesn’t say whom the recipients should vote for, but there is little doubt that Mr. Gjonaj, Ms. Rivera’s sole opponent with the funds to mail glossy campaign literature, is the one pushing the message in question. Mr. Gjonaj, the one non-Latino candidate in the September 13th primary that also includes Adam Bermudez and Irene Estrada-Rukaj, probably won’t lose any sleep if his attacks push Ms. Rivera’s supporters to the other candidates in the field either.

Keeping with the Labor Day messaging, Mr. Bermudez passed along a SEIU 1199 mailer supporting Ms. Rivera earlier today with an attached statement declaring, “The clear violation of trust in misappropriating our tax dollars that has lead to FBI and Attorney General investigations should give 1199 the message that a pro-labor voting record should not be the only consideration for Democratic voters.”

For her part, Ms. Rivera has denied any wrongdoing and the Bronx Democratic establishment is working hard to try and save her from being pulled under electorally by the allegations.

Gjonaj Headline-Bombs Naomi Rivera in Mailer