Google Street View Captures ‘UFO’ in Texas

Vampires are not captured on Street View because, well, daylight.

Street View UFO (Google Street View)

Andrea Dove, who lives outside Houston, Texas, was using Google Maps to get directions to a relative’s house when she made an interesting discovery on Street View: something that resembles a fading, pinkish UFO straight out of cartoon sci-fi.

KLTV-TV sent a reporter after the story, who went full man-on-the-street in tracking the alien image:

I looked up a dozen different cities and didn’t find any similar anomalies. That must make Jacksonville special.

“Do you see anything?” I asked a couple residents.

“Not yet,” they replied.

The KLTV reporter seemed to be unaware that finding anomalies on Google Street View is a cherished Internet past-time. Other high strangeness captured by Street View cameras includes:

Of course, Street View is also good at capturing scary slices of real life, as we recently discovered when the Google cameras captured the business end of a gun.

As for the UFO in Texas, chances are good it’s an artifact of light refracting inside one of the many lenses inside the Street View car’s Death Star-shaped camera.

Google Street View Captures ‘UFO’ in Texas