Hootsuite Launches New Internal Collaboration Tool, Hootsuite Conversations

All your social media management in one place.

Mr. Watson (Photo: Social Media Forum)

Hootsuite, the social media management platform for individuals and enterprise businesses, launched Hootsuite Conversations today, a new tool that allows internal collaboration for teams managing various social media accounts.

Hootsuite Conversations is an internal conversation tool built on top of the already-existing Hootsuite platform that allows community and brand managers to collaborate and provide feedback on content like tweets and status updates before publishing them. It also allows users to have conversations surrounding specific tweets or updates, a potentially useful feature for customer service reps managing social media accounts.

“For a power user, empowering their team to be able to send them stuff or triage before they react to it can be a pretty good thing,” Hootsuite VP of marketing Ben Watson told Betabeat by phone. “A lot of the time we have to shift the conversation to a chat client or switch to email. Now we want to stay in the context of the dashboard and we want to keep the conversation about social all in one place.”

The tool will be useful for corporate communications teams who collaborate on building content for various social channels on Hootsuite, and can streamline a lot of the work that happens on other platforms into one dedicated place. It’s basically a community manager’s dream.

“A lot of our bigger customers now have team members working on social and they have a team for customer support, team for marketing, team for human resources–each of those teams wanted more in terms of having their own workspace,” Mr. Watson said.

“We have a huge install base and all of these features are based on customer requests, he added. “Plus, we provide access to more social networks than any other tool on the market.”

But one thing that Hootsuite isn’t commenting on? Those Twitter API restrictions.

“We’re not commenting on the API restrictions, but you’ll notice that Hootsuite was recently awarded both the engagement badge and an analytics badge from Twitter,” he said. Well okay then.

Hootsuite Launches New Internal Collaboration Tool, Hootsuite Conversations