Inky Poll: Obama leads Romney by 14 points in NJ

In a new Philadelphia Inquirer New Jersey poll presented by PSEG and published this morning, President Obama leads Romney by 14 points among likely voters in New Jersey, 51% to 37%, with a margin of error +/- 4%.

It’s the second poll in a week that shows Obama leading Romney by a 14-point margin. An FDU survey yesterday found Obama over Romney, 53-48% in New Jersey.

The Inky conducted its poll September 9 through September 12 among 600 New Jersey voters likely to cast a ballot in the November 6 presidential election.

New Jersey voters provided their opinion of the President, with a 56% favorable/40% unfavorable rating. A majority of voters polled approve of Obama’s job performance as President, with a 55% approval/42% disapproval rating. New Jersey voters are split on their personal opinion of Mitt Romney, with a 45% favorable/47% unfavorable rating.

Voters are divided on Romney’s pick for Vice President, Paul Ryan, with poll results indicating 37% favorable/37% unfavorable rating. Vice President Joe Biden is more popular in New Jersey, with a 50% favorable/39% unfavorable rating.

Independent voters support the President, with 49% in favor of Obama and 35% in favor of Romney. Both political parties are equally consolidated behind their candidates, with 77% of registered Democrats in favor of Obama and 13% in favor of Romney, while 15% of registered Republicans are in favor of Obama and 77% in favor of Romney.

New Jersey voters who viewed the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte reported that it made them 35% more likely to vote for President Obama, while 20% of poll respondents reported to be less likely to vote for the President. The poll reveals that 32% of New Jersey voters who viewed the Republican National Convention in Tampa are less likely to vote for Mitt Romney as a result of the convention activities, which included a highly anticipated and publicized keynote address by Governor Christie.

Results further indicated that 26% of voters who viewed the convention events are more likely to vote for the Republican presidential candidate.

New Jersey voters participating in the poll were asked if they can correctly identify Obama’s religion. The results revealed that 34% of likely voters correctly identified the President’s religion as Protestant, while 13% believe the President is a Muslim and 28% reported that they do not know. Among those voters who believe the President is a Muslim, only 39% said that they are “comfortable” with Obama’s religion, while 44% reported that they are “uncomfortable.” When asked about Romney’s religion, 69% of voters identified the candidate as a Mormon.

“The Inquirer Public Opinion Poll resulted in data that provides our readers with important and revelatory insights into how New Jersey voters view the upcoming Presidential race,” said Philadelphia Inquirer Editor Bill Marimow. “PSEG is pleased to join forces in this effort with the Inquirer, a well-respected news organization,” said PSEG CEO Ralph Izzo. “We support informed debate about the issues that matter to the communities we serve.”

Inky Poll: Obama leads Romney by 14 points in NJ