Report Suggests Google May Be Banishing Some New York Marketers to Mountain View

Rumors say some product managers have been called home; heaven help us if it's a trend.

Googlers, living the sweet life. (

New York loves Google and Google–if that locally themed office decor is any indication–loves New York. But from Business Insider comes a rumor that makes us wonder whether the lovey-doveyness will last: A former Googler with sources inside the company tells the site that Google is relocating a number of product marketing jobs to Mountain View.

At the mere mention of such a move, startup CEOs all over the city suddenly perked up their ears, sensing a great disturbance in the force.

Business Insider says:

This source, a former Googler still in touch with old colleagues, says that Google’s CMO, Lorraine Twohill, has decided the company can be more flexible if more of its marketing people are based in Mountain View, and not in satellite offices.

This source says that as many as a hundred marketing managers were given a quarter to either find new jobs in New York or relocate to California.

As anyone who’s ever tried to coordinate with coworkers in a distant office will no doubt agree, such a strategic move probably makes a good deal of sense–if only for the sake of avoiding seething resentment at the water cooler.  However, as Business Insider also points out, Google shifting talent to the West Coast would be a disappointment for local startups, who stand to lose out on a valuable stream of poachables. (Though the next couple of weeks might be a good opportunity to start sending emails to anyone you want to recruit.)

However, you’ll probably want to take this one with a grain of salt: Even if it is true, it might not be wholly representative of any bigger trends. God knows they’ve still got plenty of openings on the company’s New York jobs page. And based on our rudimentary knowledge of legal procedure (admittedly gleaned largely from Law and Order episodes), testimony from “a former Googler still in touch with old colleagues” counts as hearsay and is therefore inadmissible in all but the most kangaroo of courts.

Nonetheless, the move does get interesting when you put it in the context of Google’s cozy relationship with CornellNYC. The company’s New York office is housing the embryonic school until the Roosevelt Island campus is habitable, and chairman Eric Schmidt is helping mold the curriculum. Google is hovering around the project like poorly trained beagles who think they hear the rattle of the kibble bag.

If Google starts exporting local engineers to Mountain View, the bloom, as they say, will be off the rose. Report Suggests Google May Be Banishing Some New York Marketers to Mountain View