Just Say ‘Pop’ and this Gadget Lobs a Piece of Popcorn At Your Mouth

For lazy eaters everywhere.

(Photo: Popcorn Indiana)

Popcorn is delicious. Sometimes it gets stuck in your teeth and sometimes it leaves your fingers salty and soaked in butter, but overall it is a delicious food and if you don’t think so the door is over there: GOOD DAY, SIR. But that whole messy fingers thing does definitely deplete some of the pleasure of eating such a lovely snack. So rejoice! Popcorn just got disrupted, y’all.

The Popinator is a machine created by Popcorn Indiana that launches a piece of popcorn at your mouth every time you say the word “pop.”

“It’s a fully-automated, voice-activated popcorn launching machine,” says a cool guy with a cool haircut in a video about the cool popcorn device. It can toss popcorn into the mouths of pretty young interns and old dudes who look like they should hold off on the butter. It is delightfully whimsical–the kind of product that would raise half a mil on Kickstarter and would fit in perfectly in a startup kitchen.

A rep for the company told Mashable that it’s still only in the prototyping phases and they’re unsure how much it will cost. Might want to start saving those pretty pennies now.

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Just Say ‘Pop’ and this Gadget Lobs a Piece of Popcorn At Your Mouth