New Zealand PM Personally Apologizes to Kim Dotcom

Congratulations, New Zealand, you're officially a situation comedy.

Mr. Dotcom. (

It seems the government of New Zealand may have gotten more than it bargained for with that bonkers raid on Kim Dotcom’s compound. The whole incident, which should have been a simple wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am extraction and extradition, has metastasized into a endless headache over the most banal of legalities.

For instance: It appears that Mr. Dotcom, despite his legal residency, was unlawfully spied upon by the nation’s Government Communications and Security Bureau. The cops told them it was okay, and rather than doing a little independent verification, they proceeded accordingly.

Consequently, the Prime Minister has personally apologized to Mr. Dotcom. Via the New Zealand Herald:

In a media conference after the release of the report into unlawful monitoring of Mr Dotcom and an acquaintance, Mr Key said he was “appalled” at the agency, saying it had “failed at the most basic of hurdles.”

“Of course I apologise to Mr Dotcom, and I apologise to New Zealanders.”

Kim Dotcom took to Twitter to accept the apology–conditionally, anyway:

He added:

Meanwhile, the Herald reports that Mr. Key’s opponents in Parliament are calling for further investigation into the matter.

One would think that getting arrested would’ve put the kibosh on Kim Dotcom’s larger-than-life persona. However, it appears that his Amazing Technicolor Dream Life has its own gravitational force and pulls in everyone who comes into its orbit.

We look forward to the inevitable shenanigans if the FBI ever manages to get him stateside.

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New Zealand PM Personally Apologizes to Kim Dotcom