Kristin Chenoweth Back on Her Feet and Front-Row at Fashion Week

Kristen Chenoweth attended the Rebecca Minkoff at The Theatre Lincoln Center on September 7

Broadway star and Tony winner, Kristin Chenoweth was badly injured on the set of popular primetime CBS show The Good Wife in July. The petite star told the LA Times in September that she “had a skull fracture, rib issue and neck issue and a hip issue,” and had to be carried off in a stretcher after a lighting rig fell on her.

But this week, she has back in action for the first time, attending several runway shows in New York.

“This is my big night out after seven weeks,” the giddy and tenacious Ms. Chenoweth told The Observer at the DL 1961 fashion show last week in West Chelsea.

“I feakin’ loved it!” She said about DL 1961, “I can actually wear the clothes!”

“Will you be attending any more shows?” The Observer asked

“Two more [Rebecca] Minkoff and Nanette Lepore.”

“What do you like most about fashion week?” we wanted to know.

“The artistry, I’m an artist so I appreciate other artists and design,” she chirped over the loud beats of DJ Mia Morretti.

Before bouncing away with her female entourage, Ms. Chenoweth noted that you won’t find her on a banquette at the Top of the Standard or gracing Le Baron’s dance floor.

“I’m going to continue with my physical therapy and try to rest,” she revealed.

Smart move.

Kristin Chenoweth Back on Her Feet and Front-Row at Fashion Week