Liza Minnelli to Return to Arrested Development

Liza Minnelli, in a recent live performance (Getty Images)

Liza Minnelli, who played mother figure / love interest “Lucille II” on the late, lamented Fox series Arrested Development, is to return for the show’s Netflix revival, says TV Guide. The Minnelli character on Arrested Development is a wacky socialite whose vertigo makes it impossible for her to have a satisfying relationship with her much younger boyfriend, Buster Bluth. She didn’t appear at all in the show’s final season, and has lately made limited TV appearances in shows like Drop Dead Diva and Law and Order: Criminal Intent. (Her last film appearance was in Sex and the City 2, in which she played herself.) Finally: the Oscar-winning actress will get some good material!

Liza Minnelli to Return to <em>Arrested Development</em>