Marty Golden Claims Extra Credit for Equal Pay Bill, Opponent Cries Foul

Marty Golden (Photo: Facebook)

“In June, Beverly Neufeld, President of the New York Women’s Aenda and Director of the Equal Pay Coalition, called legislation that I co-sponsored, ‘…a welcome accomplishment for Equal Pay advocates and women across New York'” GOP State Senator Marty Golden wrote in a recent campaign mailing. “The Women’s Workforce Bill is now law and is the first piece of State legislation that acknowledges and addresses the gender wage gap. It will not be the last.”

However, in a press release provided by his campaign, Mr. Golden’s Democratic opponent Andrew Gounardes pointed out that Mr. Golden was not among the co-sponsors of the bill, which passed the State Senate unanimously. The statement connected the slight to the senator’s vote against the New York Fair Pay Act in 2011, and, of course, the now-infamous government mailer promoting a “feminine presence” class.

“Sadly, this is nothing new for Golden,” Mr. Gounardes said. “He’s been saying one thing and doing another for a long time. The only difference now is that he isn’t saying it in a closed room or to his inner circle. This letter went to voters all across the district and they know how to fact-check.”

Asked about the mailing, Mr. Golden’s campaign said it was a simple error, and not exactly a big deal.

“The Senator strongly supported and voted for the bill,” they told Politicker in a statement. “He was under the impression that he had, in fact, signed on as a co-sponsor. If given the opportunity again, he would do so. The statement in the letter was in error, but does not diminish the fact that the Senator did strongly advocate for its passage and voted for it.”

The Brooklyn lawmaker is a top focus of the Senate Democrats’ campaign operations, although it remains to be seen whether Mr. Gounardes can muster up enough support against the relatively popular incumbent. Marty Golden Claims Extra Credit for Equal Pay Bill, Opponent Cries Foul