Matt Fisher Vs. Progressive Insurance: The Podcast (Video)

Matt Fisher speaks out (Spreecast)

You may remember Matt Fisher, the New York comedian whose Tumblr post about Progressive auto insurance became a viral sensation. If not, here’s a quick refresher: In 2009, Mr. Fisher’s sister Kaitlynn was driving in her car when she was killed by another driver barreling through an intersection. The driver was under-insured, and it was up to his sister’s policy with Progressive to pay out the difference. But the insurance company refused to hand over a nickel, going so far as to challenge the Fisher family to sue the other driver in court for the money, which they did. (Maryland does not allow individuals to sue insurance companies.)

They won that suit too, despite the fact that Progressive had their own lawyers helping out with the defense of the driver who killed one of their policy holders. (Nationwide, not Progressive was not this gentleman’s insurance carrier, and Nationwide paid the Fisher family immediately.)

Mr. Fisher and his family still haven’t seen a cent from the accident, even though the courts mandated for Progressive to pay up. Worse, their auto-tweets about the whole case once it drew public attention brought even more criticism about their handling of this tragic accident.

While this story might have outraged citizens for the lifespan of anything on the Internet (approximately two weeks), Mr. Fisher is not going to let people forget that Progressive Insurance is now a criminal entity. Yesterday, he spoke to Matt Morrison from Progressive Justice to discuss the incident in a half hour Spreecast live blog. Watch the whole video below.

“Progressive took the position that the accident was her (Fisher’s sister Katie) fault,” Mr. Fisher told Mr. Morrison. “Progressive essentially dared my parents to sue them for the policy. That led to a long string of indignities that led to a trial where Progressive sent lawyers (to represent the defendant.)”

“The other thing that helped me get the world out was the way that Progressive handled it,” Mr. Fisher said. “The press release where they said they didn’t handle that guy (the defendant)? People went write to the (court) transcript and saw that yep, they did. So they helped make it more of a controversy than it would have been otherwise.”

In fact, Progressive had made this statement:

As a defendant in this case, Progressive participated in the trial procedures on our own behalf while Nationwide represented the other driver.

However, Mr. Fisher who was in the courtroom for the case claims that he saw the Progressive lawyers conferring several times with the defendant.

Matt Fisher Vs. Progressive Insurance: The Podcast (Video)