Matt Lauer: ‘Anchor Animal’

Matt Lauer is not taking Today’s low ratings well – in fact, he has turned into an “anchor animal,” reports the Post.

Apparently, Mr. Lauer is trying to fix the show by “basically executive-producing,” berating staff for “not trying hard enough” and not letting anyone even mention Good Morning America. Today is expected to lose out to their ABC rival for the third week in a row.

“Matt’s turned into an anchor animal,” a network source told the Post. “He’s making all editorial decisions, he’s running the show and he’s not listening to anyone . . . it’s a huge problem.”

“Please print this story — it’s the most interesting and dangerous I’ve ever sounded!” Mr. Lauer urged the Post.

We don’t know about Mr. Lauer, but an “anchor animal” doesn’t sound very dangerous to us at all. It sounds more like an impeccably groomed animal that wears a suit, sits behind a desk and alternates between reading the news and chatting with celebrity guests.

Matt Lauer: ‘Anchor Animal’