Macaulay Culkin, Adam Green and Toby Goodshank Make Art

Macaulay Culkin, Adam Green and Toby Goodshank, ‘Dogs Playing Poker.’ (Courtesy Le Poisson Rouge)

Actor Macaulay Culkin and his friends Adam Green and Toby Goodshank, formerly of the Moldy Peaches, have an art collective called Three Men and a Baby, or 3MB, and their debut show, “Leisure Inferno,” opens next week at Le Poisson Rouge, as per The Huffington Post. It was in 2010 that they first conceived of the idea to make art together, while shooting Mr. Green’s feature-length iPhone film The Wrong Ferrari. And they have an interesting way of working.

From the story:

The collaborative dynamic at work, while much more common in music, is rare in visual art. “Certainly we all have different techniques, but we found it fun to paint together at the same time, explains Green. “Just literally three people standing in front of the canvas with paintbrushes and painting at the same time.” Perhaps this distinctive process can be linked to the brotherly bond between the artists. “The connection I feel with them is pretty extraordinary,” says Goodshank. “It’s lovely to get together with them all the time.”

Hey, whatever works. With paintings like Jean Benet Basquiat, which features JonBenét Ramsay and Jean-Michel Basquiat, and another that features the cast of Seinfeld on the TV show Wheel of Fortune, these paintings have a bizarre vibe all their own. It doesn’t hurt that the show comes on the heels of Mr. Green’s solo show at the Hole (he’s a painter in his own right), and his second show this year.

Macaulay Culkin, Adam Green and Toby Goodshank Make Art