MFA Boston Opens Gallery Devoted to Coins

(Courtesy MFA Boston)

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, will debut today the Michael C. Ruettgers Gallery for Ancient Coins, making it the first U.S. art museum to have a gallery dedicated to coins. There will be five hundred ancient Greek and Roman coins featured from the collection of the museum.

More, from ArtDaily:

To enhance visitors’ appreciation of these works, moveable magnifying lenses facilitate closer examination of the coins on view in several cases. In addition, by using iPads affixed to five cases running down the center of the gallery, visitors are able to explore in-depth 274 Greek and Roman coins using the new MFA Coins application developed by the MFA. It allows users to view both sides of each coin, to zoom in, and learn more about the significance of these objects. The app includes highlights of the coin collection, information about Greek and Roman coins, and a timeline of ancient coins.
So, uh, coins! Who doesn’t love some nice, fine coinage?
MFA Boston Opens Gallery Devoted to Coins