Grimm Won’t Say Whether He Thinks Schumer Is Out to Get Him

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GOP Congressman Michael Grimm has been dogged by multiple controversies, but none are more notable than a federal investigation that, according to a New York Times report, likely stems from whether he illegally obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign contributions during his first electoral effort in 2010. Mr. Grimm has steadfastly maintained his innocence and he has never been charged with wrongdoing, but questions remain as to what evidence spurred the probe.

One theory advanced was from Mr. Grimm’s political mentor, and occasional campaign spokesman, Guy Molinari, who has repeatedly accused Senator Chuck Schumer of “calling up” Attorney General Eric Holder and pushing the Department of Justice to investigate the Staten Island congressman, possibly as a political tactic to stop Mr. Grimm from running statewide someday.

Politicker caught up with Mr. Grimm over the weekend at his campaign headquarters launch and inquired whether he felt the Schumer theory was at least “plausible.”

“You’ll have to ask Guy Molinari about that,” he answered.

“Do you think it’s plausible?” we asked.

“You’ll have to ask Guy Molinari about that,” the congressman repeated.

We tried pressing the word “plausible” one more time, but he walked away and the conversation was over.

For their part, Mr. Schumer’s office has denied being involved and told the Staten Island Advance that Mr. Molinari’s accusation was one of the “silliest statements to come down the pike in some time.”

Grimm Won’t Say Whether He Thinks Schumer Is Out to Get Him