Michael Grimm Finds ‘Nuns on a Ferry’ Protest Against Him ‘A Little Odd’

A scene from today’s protest. (Photo: “Nuns on the Bus” Campaign)

Fresh off blasting vandalism against his campaign headquarters as a threat to the very fabric of America’s democracy, GOP Rep. Michael Grimm is now interested in talking about a decidedly more esoteric topic: a group of nuns on the Staten Island Ferry protesting his support for the Republican federal budget.

The protest, held by the pro-social entitlement group “Nuns on the Bus,” obviously tends to ride on the mode of transportation it’s named after. However, because Mr. Grimm represents a Staten Island-based district, the protesters renamed their efforts to “Nuns on a Ferry” for the day.

And, Mr. Grimm’s office provided a statement to let everyone know his opinion of these nuns.

“It’s a little odd that Catholic nuns who have dedicated their lives to serving God and the community are now focused on something as political as the Ryan-Romney budget,” the congressman, who happens to be Catholic, declared. “They are putting a lot of effort into such a partisan matter, instead of taking to the streets in opposition to issues like NYC schools giving the morning after pill to teenagers, potentially without their parents’ knowledge. For teenagers to be taught that abortion is an acceptable form of birth control is as disgusting and reprehensible as gender-select abortion, and furthermore shows the moral breakdown of our society.”

“I would hope that the nuns will remain focused on these types of religious-based issues, which are far more in line with their apolitical Catholic faith,” he added.

For their part, the “Nuns on a Ferry” group declared their budget criticism is actually a “profoundly pro-life stance.”

“Our opposition is not political; it’s about morality,” Sister Simone Campbell said in a statement when we asked their campaign about Mr. Grimm’s specific criticism. “Representative Grimm’s support of the Ryan-Romney budget hurts our nation because it cuts vital funding for safety-net programs. This does great harm to struggling families, and being pro-life includes saving their lives as well. Representative Grimm should know that.”

Regardless, Democrats in the area, already critical of Mr. Grimm’s response to the alleged campaign office burglary, are sure to view this all as a distraction from the topic of the day they’re most interested in.

Michael Grimm Finds ‘Nuns on a Ferry’ Protest Against Him ‘A Little Odd’